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Essentially, a worldview is the lens through which we look at life. Think of it like putting on a pair of glasses as your “worldview lens”. These glasses we look through will shape our beliefs, our way of thinking, and the way we live. We all see the world through our most basic beliefs about life. How did we get here? What is our purpose? Is there such a thing as right and wrong? If so, who decides? Does God exist? And so on. People will answer these questions differently depending on their worldview.


Regardless of whether we’ve ever thought about it, we all have a worldview.  And we all live from our worldview. Our worldview will help us to either see the world clearly or it will prevent us from doing so. Our desire should be to put on the worldview glasses that best lines up with reality and what is true. This way, we can see the world clearly and live in accordance with that truth. As Christians, we believe God’s word - as it is revealed to us in the Bible - is unchanging and objectively true. In other words, it isn’t true for us, rather it’s true for the entire world. As such, we should be seeking to think, live, and behave from this biblical worldview.


As the culture has shifted away from more commonly held Christian values in recent decades, too many Christians have adopted more of a whirled view made up of arbitrary and wrong beliefs pulled in from the world around them. Without discernment and intentionality, it’s easy to begin conforming more to the world than to Christ. (Rom 12:2) We want to help Christians prevent this type of syncretism from distorting their worldview lens by helping them to be more consistent and critical thinkers about the world around them. This can be done by measuring and testing everything to Scripture as God has so generously given us His words by which to do this.

For a more detailed description of what is meant by a biblical worldview, listen to this podcast.

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